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Nutritional Menu Data is the first of the services we will be offering to a wide customer base. This software has been specially designed for restaurants and food outlets and allows them to quickly comply with the new calorie labelling requirements issued in the FSAI guidelines.

It has been developed using cutting edge software and database systems and will be distributed through the Microsoft Windows Azure® cloud platform. Users will not need to purchase any additional computer hardware or software to use the system as their current web browser and an internet connections is all that is required.

Access is granted via an annual registration fee giving the end user a very flexible and cost effective solution to their calorie labelling requirements, and because the solution is based on an internet cloud platform the registered user can access and update their data wherever and whenever they like using our secure login system.

Composition Database Nutritional Reports User Interface

Access to public food composition databases was always seen as crucial to the success of our software design. For this reason we have built our structure around these databases allowing you to select the ingredients which are most applicable to your business and store them in your own personal matrix.

A nutritional analysis report can be automatically generated every time you add or change a recipe. All previous versions of the recipe are maintained in your personal database so you can easily revert to a previous version. This will become increasingly important when the FSAI begin to audit compliance with your calorie declarations.

Specific attention had been paid to the user interface while designing this software. The emphasis has been on minimal typing, easy navigation through the use of the familiar Windows ‘tree-structures’ and extensive use of the mouse rather than the keyboard. Where user selection is required a Dropdown Box will supply the available option.

Comprehensive integrity and error checking, in addition to onscreen help, makes the software easy to use and requires minimal prior computer experience. Overall the software is easy to learn allowing the novice user to become productive in a very short time period.

Cloud Computing

We know you work long hours and have complex and conflicting responsibilities.This is why we chose Microsoft Windows Azure® Cloud Computing as our delivery platform. It allows you the flexibility to work on any computer from any location, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, in a secure and familiar web browser environment.

Nutritional Menu Data

The Nutritional Menu Data software system can generate simple or complex nutrient declaration reports based on the recipes you enter.

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