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Consultation process has resulted in a recommendation for the introduction of a calorie menu labelling scheme for food service businesses.

Clear guidelines have been published by FSAI explaining how this scheme should work.

The report’s findings reveal an overwhelming demand by consumers (96%) for calorie menu labelling.

During this initial voluntary phase the scheme will be fully evaluated, including an assessment of compliance with the published best practice.

Failure to implement the scheme on a voluntary basis will result in legislation.

Newly formed company, incorporated to address a specific market gap.

Employing cutting edge technology and system design to solve the problems encountered daily by small businesses.

Migrating and adapting information solutions previously only available to the large corporations and making these easily available in a cost effective manner to small businesses.

Develop a range of product and services which have been tailored to deliver performance, compliance and management control at all points where nutritional data is required.

Software system which gives a restaurant or food outlet, of any size or complexity, the capability to generate the required nutritional data on the produce they supply.

Specifically designed for ease of use and simplicity through innovative user interfaces, yet sufficiently robust to comply with all aspects of the FSAI guidelines on labelling.

Engineered to be a very cost effective solution thus avoiding the necessity and expense of employing external consultants.

Developed using cutting edge software and database technology to give a secure, flexible and stable system, which is accessible from most operating platforms avoiding the need to invest in additional hardware.

Built around software access to public nutrition databases allowing the end user to construct and customise their own ingredient matrix then build recipes from these selected ingredients.


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